English 10 honors option Summer Reading Assignment for 2015

The summer reading assignments for English 10 honors option is to read one required book off the Branford High School list for incoming sophomores and to read Khaled Hosseini's novel, The Kite Runner, take thematic notes in response to the reading, view the 2007 film version of the novel, and write a formal essay to be handed in during the first week of school.This book counts as your choice novel as part of the 10th grade summer reading assignment. Here is a link to the BHS Summer Reading Page: http://bhsenglish.wikispaces.com/summer_reading

On the first day of school, you will hand in a formal essay that answers the following prompt: Compare the two versions of The Kite Runner – the novel and the film – and analyze the representation of a subject or a key scene from each version, including what is emphasized or absent in each version. Support your ideas about the comparison with well-developed reasons based on direct evidence from the novel and film. Use a thesis sentence in the introduction and then use at least two direct quotes from the novel in your final essay.

In order to prepare to write a well-supported, cohesive formal essay and to connect to a major writing assignment later in the year, it is essential that you take notes on the reading. Look for and identify important passages from the novel (with page numbers) that reveal the character and the essential themes that arise in the novel. As you read the novel, concentrate your efforts on looking for references to the following themes and recording them along with your thoughts and reactions on The Kite Runner Chart.
  1. Loss of innocence and coming of age
  2. Redemption of the human spirit
  3. Social evils and the pain of war
  4. People's inner conflicts
  5. The destructive power of jeolousy and insecurity
  6. The lingering impact of guilt

Complete the following as you read the novel:
  • Choose only five of the six topic/themes from above
  • Gather at least two significant passages for each of the five topic/themes you select
  • Record the passages in the notetaking sheet along with your response in the appropriate columns

Guidelines for selecting significant passages from The Kite Runner:

Look for passages that show how characters grow and change over the course of the novel, both in their attitudes and outlook on life. What do these changes illustrate about human tendencies? How does the author use symbolism and conflict to reveal larger ideas about human nature? How do the topics and themes mentioned above connect to the characters? Look for opportunities in the novel to expand on and analyze character actions, events, and ideas. How do character actions, events, and ideas provide insight into larger truths about how people tend to act?

In preparation for writing your formal essay, take notes relating to significant differences between the novel and the film in the following three areas:
  1. How the characters and their conflicts are portrayed and developed.
  2. How the themes from above are portrayed similarly and differently

The Kite Runner summer reading assignment Word document:
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