During the first quarter, students will read several short stories and be asked to write a standard literary essay on them. Students interested in honors will be given the opportunity to select a more challenging assignment which requires they look deeper at symbolism and themes in the stories. Some possibilities include:

  • Write a character analysis of a main character in the story for a classmate who has also read this story. What are the character's strengths? Faults? What is important to him or her?
  • Usually a son or daughter represents a parent's hopes and dreams for the future. Analyze the main character from one of the stories. Explore both his or her positive or negative qualities. Present your analysis and conclusions in an essay. Explain how he or she fulfills the parents' expectations.
  • If your family, adopted the main character in the book, how would he or she fit in? What kinds of changes, if any, would this create in how the character behaves? If none, explain why?

The honors prompt is:
  • How does the author use a symbol or symbolism in the story to convey truths about human nature or the way people tend to act? What insights or understandings about human behavior are revealed in this story? How is the symbol or symbolism developed throughout the story? What does the author do with symbolism or the characters to help illustrate this theme? Your answer must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, and it must use at least two well-chosen and properly integrated passages or quotes from the story.