English 10 Honors option Mid-year portfolio

Before midterm exams, all students enrolled in the English 10 Honors option will compile the evidence of their honors-level work and submit it for review by teachers in the English department.


The specfic requirements of the portolio are listed in the the document here.
A major part of the portfolio will include writing a reflective essay looking back over the work you have done this year so far, and then write a reflective essay summarizing what you have learned so far this year, focusing especially on what you have discovered about yourself as a learner. Use the following prompt to guide your efforts and/or help you structure your essay:

Based on the criteria for the honors option, why do you deserve the honors distinction for your work and effort in class this year? Discuss what you think your personal strengths are in English and where you might need to improve as a student. Be specific.

What have you done to extend and/or deepen your learning and understanding in class this year? Consider such things as your class participation in discussions and how you completed assignments. Give yourself credit for where you have worked hard and improved, and be honest about where you think you need to work harder. Go back and review teacher comments on your work.

What are some of your strengths in writing? What are areas for growth? What type of extra help or enrichment activities have you attempted, if any, that could help you grow in English? What are some goals you might have for growth in the upcoming semester?

Your essay should be at least two or three pages, double-spaced, in 12-point Times font with one-inch margins.

The English department will assess the portfolios and decide whether the student achieves honors or not. The department will use the following rubric to provide feedback and assess the different components of the student's work and portfolio. The determination at the mid year is not a final determination, but merely a progress report on how the student is proceeding with the honors option. A final determination is not made until the end of the year.