Frankenstein assignment

The following research essay assignment related to the novel Frankenstein is a required component of the honors option portfolio:


If we have learned anything from Mary Shelley and her novel Frankenstein, it is that playing "God" can be dangerous and irresponsible. Even today, modern science still grapples with some of those same issues and moral dilemmas.


Your task is to write a 2-3 page paper connecting the identified issue to the novel. The challenge of the assignment is to make a connection between the moral dilemmas raised in the novel and those occurring in the field of technology/science today. You must find at least two recent articles (written in the past 5 years) that have not been used/discussed in class. Some topics for research on scientific advancements with moral dilemmas may include: cloning, gene/trait selection, stem cell research, “test tube” babies, global warming...

Be sure to choose an issue that you feel strongly about and are comfortable discussing in your essay.

A resource page from The New York Times about teaching Frankenstein:


  • Be sure to reference the titles and authors of all sources used
  • Include a thesis statement in your introduction that relates to both the novel and the issue - The focus of your essay will be how the issue you are research today is similar to what Shelley explored almost 200 years ago. Your thesis, then, should precisely identify the moral dilemma you researched.
  • Use at least three quotes from the articles and at least three quotes from the novel to support your major points
  • Thoroughly compare the issue in the article to similar issues in Frankenstein.
  • Include a Works Cited page.
  • Hand in an electronic copy of your essay so it can be checked for plagiarism.

Frankenstein resources

Here are some good links connected to Frankenstein: Here is a link to an exhibit by the National Institute of Health - "Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature." It includes artwork and other sources related to the text.
Here is an interesting overview of Frankenstein from 60Second Recap at

Resources from Book Drum: